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Hi, and welcome to my cattery online!
My name is Ina and I raise Exotic Shorthairs in bicolors, solids, & tabbies, including the
lovely silver tabbies, as well as smokes.
We are located in Ontario, Canada.
My babies are raised with TLC & are well socialized. If you would like to find out more about my 'kids' just email me.
Be sure to check out my available page for updates!
And don't forget to leave your 'pawprint' in my guestbook! Thanks & please enjoy!
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July 30, 2002

Tammy Swan

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September 19, 2006
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~*~My pup Rockie~*~
(along with Fuji)
Sadly, Rockie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2005.
He was a wonderful companion to us & just adored kittens. He lived a long, spoiled life, and we miss him very much.
My dog Fuji
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Romeo, the resident pup.
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