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Added a message board as geobook etc kept dying please give it a go due to spam have to authorise first sorry :(

Fixed some dead links please mail me or let me know via guestbook if any probs
This site is being updated
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Is my dog if ya haven't figured it out.
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Music is another of my favourite things. I grew up breathing it. The records on the turntable as a child included Lefty Frizzell, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez etc etc etc. Check out my
cool music links.
I have just started a genealogy page. They come from Shabbington Bucks(Nelmes/Nelms lms), Cornwall(Harris Blight) and Sweden(von Johnstone). On this page you will find nelms/nelmes/elms etc 
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Twin Stuff
My mum is an identical twin.
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Steal this hero
I only have one hero on this page. Abbie Hoffman
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