Real Cars
Some pictures of real cars for you to dream about owning.......
Now, this is a 1992 Rover 820 Turbo....180 BHP, and you can get 220 BHP for an extra 8, the cost of a bleed valve......
This is a shot of the engine...see the nice big Turbo?? The whole car cost 800...FSH, 16" Alloys, Skirt kit, Spoiler, Half leather Recaro's, Mad much have you spent on your Nova so far??
This is a Rover 827 Vitesse........1990 Models can be picked up for 150...AND LOOK AT THEM ALLOYS!!!
This is the engine that powers the Vitesse...The Honda PGM Fi 2.7L V6 24 valve.....177 BHP for 150...and it will do 30 MPG!!
This was a rover 827 SLi. We paid 150 for it. It had Electric heated leather seats, Air con, Trip Computer, Honda S4 Automatic Gearbox, electric everything. On a run from Northampton (48 Miles), she averaged 29.7MPG, with the gears in S4 mode, and using kickdown all the way was changing up at 5500RPM..