This is my second car. It is an Asian version of the Honda Civic 2006. This sporty, fierce and sexy model is really one of its kind. Work in progress... 



This is the renovated interior view of the Command Center of Old Bertam Plant. Its is modeled and rendered in 3dsmax 7.5. 



This BMW 5 Series is modeled by . The model and material was slightly modified by myself. Thanks a lot for this wonderful model. 



This a poser 5 character scene. It is imported into 3dsmax using obj plugin. The notebook and cups are free models. The rest of the objects are modeled by myself.  



This re-rendered Saleen S7, one of the most powerful road car ever build. This is a test render to match and resemble the lightings made by the Honda2000 and the Hankster.  



My first car, the Mazda RX8 rendered using Vray materials and renderer. 
Work In Progress...



The Aston Martin Vanquish V12 from "the hankster". I have transfer this model from mental ray into vray renderer. Add a hdri reflection to the vehicle. The scene is rendered in 3dsmax 7.5  







This is some of the cross sectional view of some of the civil structures at the Durian Tunggal, Malacca, Bertam 1 Water Treatment Plant. Renders are done in Turtle renderer in Maya 6.5 with minimal textures.  Turtle renderer is used as it is much faster compare to Mental ray in complex scene.  





This is the renovated Command Center of Old Bertam Plant. Its is modeled and rendered in 3dsmax 7.5. 



This is part of my current SCADA project. It is the Bertam 1 Water Treatment Plant commissioned in 1973 and it is located at Durian Tunggal, Melaka, Malaysia. A small portion of this project will require a few aerial shots and animations at the plant and Command Center. Its is modeled and rendered in Maya 6.5. Estimated end of project at early 2006.


My very first car, Mazda RX8 year 2002 edition, modeled in 3dsmax 6.0. Rendered using mental ray setups. Work In Progress...



This is a China house modeled according to one of my favourite artist at his a famous render art work. This is modeled and rendered in 3dsmax 7.0



This is another view of the 2 stories house rendered in 3dsmax 7.0 using Vray renderer. Added a ceiling Fanco 42"baby fan and a Panasonic air conditioner.



The Aston Martin Vanquish V12 from "the hankster". I am currently studying and trying my best to get all the lightings as close as to that rendered by the car modeler.



This is one of my first art work submitted for competition at Max-Realms.com ;)



Another scene for the Saleen S7 of "the Hankster". It was rendered in Maya 5.0. Ramp shader light card is used to simulate the fall off effect on the bright area of the vehicle.



This a 2 stories house model and render using Brazil rendering system. Last updated on the 04/06/2005.



This is a Poser 5 vehicle from Daz3D. This Beetle is imported into Maya 5.0, re-textured and rendered in mental ray.



Another car from "the Hankster", this is the Saleen S7. It was imported into Maya 5.0, re-textured and rendered using Mental ray lighting setup.



The black Carrero GT from a famous car modeller, "the Hankster". This is rendered using mental ray in 3dsmax 6.0



This car model is Porsche Carrero GT model by "the Hankster". It was converted from 3ds max and imported in Maya 6.0. With all the texture coordinates retain, the Carrero GT's textures are re-applied and carefully adjusted.  

The scene is rendered with mental ray, photons generated from the scene and are collected using Final Gather rays.



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