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Hi, This is Mayank Jha. Welcome to my homepage! Don't know what got you here, but I hope I won't bore you enough that you run away and never come back.

I'm presently a 4th Year Student of Department of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins from a single step."

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18th August '05 - Again, an update after a long time... the idea of updating in core HTML is a little boring :P Fourth year in its full swing... profs warning of attendance... a BTech Design Project which scares me... a CAT growling once-a-while.... and above all... Music! Event coming up is IITB Unplugged... we are planning a tribute to Metallica.. in an unplugged way! Lets see how it turns.
Going back a little... Internship was good. ITC really has a cutting edge technology. An ideal industry.... only if it could be in a better town! Planning to add a few pics in a few days.

02nd April '05 - Long time I updated my homepage. Was very lukkha today so decided to do this. Life's been fine.... busy, exciting and fun-filled. Got my internship placement yesterday. They've put me at Bhadrachalam... god knows where this place is... but am looking forward to some good learning there. I'll update my page sooner now.
New pic... thanks to Zishaan... a simple page... yahoo inspired. I have realised that beauty lies in simplicity. Rest is same.

19th Sept '04 - Dad just told me that CBSE is giving me some scholarship for good performance in 12th Standard. Wonder why and how did it strike them after 2 years!

17th Sept '04 - Midsems over.... never had such a peaceful midsem!