Magickal Names

"Many Pagans, especially Wiccans, choose a special name called a magickal name which, in essence, is a name for the magickal part of themselves. As Pagans, many of us have come to learn the power of the magickal name. It is more than a "cool" name, it is a very powerful magickal tool. As with any power, knowledge is the beginning of mastery of that power. When you understand where our names came from, what they mean, how they evolved, and how different cultures look at them, you will have a deeper appreciation of names as tools of magickal tranformation. When the church captured our naming practices they stole something akin to our very souls, which was their intent. Now it's time to take the practice back!"
- Phoenix McFarland

Mayda, my magickal name in essance means maiden, which I am. I am not a mother, nor a crone, therefore I am a maiden, correct?

I've read on several sites that numerology should be used in the chosing of a name. I've read on others that you should find one that reflects your personality.

I suppose it depends on your particular path, ecleltic, alexandrian, ec cetera, or your coven, if you have one, or even if you come from a fam trad (family traditional) line.