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ISO: John Mayer, Indianapolis, Indiana: Nov. 12th, 2002.





So its been awhile folks, but i'm back to trading. I updated my list, and currently looking for John Mayer or Jason Mraz. 

But all i have now is John Mayer and one Jason Mraz show.

Thanks a bunch!




John Mayer shows:

My shows (DAO):

June-06-1999- Eddie's Attic(2Disc) 


Feburary-25-2000 - Eddie's Attic.(1disc)
June-29-2001- 5 Points.(2Disc)
August-23-2000 - The 40 Watt. (1Disc)

January-17-2001 - Zydeco.(2Disc)
January-26-2001-The NorVa.(2disc)
June-24-2001-The Shelter.(1disc)
May-02-2001 - Red Room.(2disc)
October-6-2001 - Roseland's Grill.(2Disc)
October-9-2001 - Slim's San Francisco(2disc)
September-29-2001 - Gabes Oasis.(2Disc)

March 5, 2002 - Calvin College Fine Arts Center. (2Disc)
April-16-2002 - Quest Club.(2disc)
April-20-2002 - Miss. Nights.(2Disc)

May-5-2002 -  Millenium Center.(2disc)
August-16-2002 - Greek Theatre.(2disc)
Feb-23-2002 - Irving Plaza. (2Disc)
Sept-14-2002 - Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater. (2Disc)
July-07-2002 - Fleet Boston Pavillion(2disc)
May-26-2002 - Freedom Weekend Aloft(2disc)
April-21-2002- The Murat Egyptian Room(2disc)

Nov-27-2002-The Liacora Center(2disc)


March-14-2003- Knitting Factory.(1disc)


Villanova Junction(1Disc)
June-25-2001 - Acoustic Cafe(1disc)(interview)

Room For Squares (out of print)


My TAO shows:

August 22, 2001- Blind Ping(2disc)
August 11, 2001 - Blue Note(1Disc)
June 8, 2001 - State Theater(2disc)

April 23, 2002 - Unv. of Illinois(2disc)
August-03, 2002 - FoxTheatre(2disc)



Jason Mraz shows:

May 1st, 2003 - Unv. of KY(2disc)



+I also have a list of John Mayer performances that i'd only trade for performances that i don't have. 
These are all on VCD format. So it's a VCD for a VCD. I've recieved these files from other trades and downloads off the net.

I have Interviews, All music Videos, Grammy Clips, Talk show performances; e-mail me for a complete list and we can set something up.+

See anything that interests you? and you want to trade? please contact me at krazikid99@hotmail.com Make sure in the subject you let me know it's a Cd trade.