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~ Eliminate smoking, tobacco products, alcohol and drugs.
~ Eliminate caffeine, which is a harmful and addictive drug. Besides coffee and tea,
   caffeine is found in chocolate, ASA (Aspirin), and soda pop, especially colas.

~ Avoid anything you are allergic or sensitive to.
~ Eliminate or greatly reduce animal products, (especially those that are not free
   range), as they are very high in saturated fat, poorly digested, cause the body to be
   acidic, and are loaded with harmful chemicals, growth hormones, and antibiotics.
   (Click on "
Milk Facts" for the truth about milk, alternatives and recipes.)
~ Eat organic tofu, soy, miso, tempeh and TVP (textured vegetable protein) products
   such as: veggie burgers, wieners, ham, bacon, pepperoni, and any other veggie
   "meats". (Check for allergy or sensitivity to soy.)
~ Avoid highly processed, refined, and de-natured foods, such as sugar, white flour,
   white rice, milk, deli meats, most canned and packaged food, junk and fast food.
~ Avoid genetically engineered or high allergenic foods like milk, corn, canola, eggs,
   peanuts, wheat, caffeine, yeast and oranges, to name a few. If unsure, ask retailer.
~ Eliminate foods and products containing chemicals (especially sulfates, nitrates and
   MSG), additives, preservatives, artficial flavours, colours, and scents.
~ Avoid all margarines, hydrogenated oils and shortening, which turn to trans fats in
   the body, leading to free-radical damage(mutation of healthy cells, causing disease).
~ Avoid using medications as much as possible, especially antibiotics, steroids, and
   antihistamines ~ prolonged or repeated use weakens the immune system, leaving
   your body more susceptible to viruses, infections, allergies, sensitivities, and
   diseases. Never discontinue any medication, except on the advice of a professional.
~ Avoid the use of antacids ~ they cause food to pass through the body undigested.
~ Use sea salt. Regular salt is sodium chloride, which is a poison.
~ Eat and use organic and all-natural foods, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaners, fertilizers.
~ Eat lots of fresh raw fruit and vegetables, especially those that are dark green and
   orange, remembering to soak or scrub. Peel, if not organic. (Iceberg lettuce has no
   nutritional value, so use leaf-type lettuce, romaine, or raw spinach instead.)

~ As a superior source of protein, eat dried legumes, organic whole grains, and raw
   seeds and nuts (not peanuts), rather than animal products. If not allergic to, eat
   organic soy products and natural unsweetened yogurt or kefir (similar to yogurt).

~ Eat lots of the super-healthy foods, like raw sprouts and sea plants (dulse, nori).
~ Use lots of fresh herbs like garlic, ginger, oregano, and young dandelion greens
~ Drink green and herbal teas, grain "coffee" (not decaf), soy milk, rice milk, raw
   seed and nut milks (not peanut), grain milk, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and 6
   to 8 glasses of pure water daily (ozonated, distilled, reverse osmosis, or from a
   tested well, but be wary of bottled water, as some contain only tap water).
~ Eat foods that make the body alkaline ~ it has been shown that cancer cells die in 
   an alkaline environment, plus an acidic body is more prone to diseases, in general.
~ Increase omega 3 oils (
*flax oil and fatty fish, like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and
   trout) and decrease omega 6 (vegetable oils). Omega 3 oil is good for the heart.

~ Eat foods containing good fat, like avocados, olive oil, and raw nuts and seeds.
~ Use only cold-pressed oils and do not heat. Olive oil is very beneficial for the heart.
~ Take natural supplements for optimum health, especially anti-oxidants, which fight
   free-radicals and support the immune system: Vitamins A, C, E, multi-B, zinc,
   magnesium, selenium, and coenzyme Q10. Never combine drugs and supplements
   that do the same thing, such as, lower blood pressure, or thin the blood
~ Take digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride, if needed. After 45, the body
   is usually depleted in a number of digestive enzymes, as well as, stomach acid.
~ Do cleanses and detoxifications, at least once a year, and fasts, if permitted.
~ Follow a regular exercise routine, implementing yoga and weight-bearing exercises.
~ Practice relaxation techniques like meditation, massage, breathing exercises, etc.

~ *Have "Omega" testing done ~ this identifies: problems with the functioning of
   the bodily systems and glands; allergies and sensitivities; vitamins, minerals, and
   other important elements the body may be lacking in; heavy metal poisoning; para-
   sites; candida albicans (overgrowth of harmful yeast), plus other critical factors.
~ *Visit a registered naturopathic or holistic doctor.
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Milk Facts
Sugar Facts
Milk Facts
Sugar Facts
Alkaline/Acid Foods
Alkaline/Acid Foods
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Check out a couple of excellent Canadian holistic health magazines. Pick up free copies of "
Alive" from your health food store, and "The Source" (produced in Nova Scotia), from libraries, health food stores, supermarkets and various retail stores. The following books should be available from your local library. The ones with a plus sign indicates that the author has written more than the one book shown. Be adventurous ~ read them all, plus any of the thousands more holistic health books. You'll discover a whole new world ~ one that promotes natural healing of the body, mind and soul.
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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health care professional. I am simply presenting what I have learned and what has worked for me. Before you undertake any lifestyle changes, you should consult a professional.