Hello!  My webname is Marge Farmer and I live in Jackson, Michigan, USA.  I have put together this website from the information that I've gathered over the years and I've titled it "Flute Facts."  I would like to share this with you.
     I have played the flute since I was in the sixth grade.  I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a BS in Music and a minor in music theory.  After I graduated in 1985 I began teaching flute and I love every minute of it.  I also teach piano and voice lessons.  I've had several students go to Solo and Ensemble and Youth Arts Festival and one student won the opportunity to play with an orchestra for the festival.
     I have studied with several very good teachers.  Some of them are: Susan Whitener, Romona Pitts, Monte Long, Dr. Rodney Hill (retired from EMU), and Jeffery Zook, piccoloist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I've taken a few classes with Ervin Monroe, the principal flutist with the DSO and Clement Barone.  I also attended a Masterclass with William Bennett. I won the opportunity to play in the NFA Flute Choir of 20+ flutists at the Washington DC NFA Convention.  There were almost 200 flutists that auditioned to be in this choir from around the world.   I've even played in a flute chior with James Galway by my side.
     I now teach a few students and also work for Home Instead Senior Care.  I love doing both and I'm always looking for more students.  If you are interested in taking lessons or just want to get together and play some duets, email me and I'll get back to you. 
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