Mayhem: The Sponsors
Mayhem: The Harness

      Team Mayhem uses only the finest quality equipment, so your question is what harness? Our answer is "Extreme Rage Bullet Paq!" More info at
Mayhem: The Paint

      Last year Mayhem shot Nelson Paint. This year, Mayhem shoots Diablo paint. Why? Because Tournament players from just about everywhere across the country use and support Diablo Paint.  However, some recballers who were born and raised in a small, isolated cave have decided to shoot something else.... Rec Player or Pro- the choice is yours my friend.
Mayhem: The Style

    Who out there is looking for a style that will define their image as a paintball player and a pro athlete? If you didn't raise your hand, sell your equipment and stop playing. If you were one of those hip stylin pros out there and you did raise your hand, buy yourself a Diablo Jersey! All diablo/32 degrees/empire jerseys are made to breathe, while giving you that competitive edge every player demands. Oh, did I mention that they cost next to nothing? - buy a team set today and look cool tomorrow
Mayhem: The Marker
           We really don't have a specific team marker; however, we are slowly gravitating to Intimidators. Intimidators are the ideal electro-pneumatic markers for just about any team that uses the finest in paintball equipment. Why? They are fast, accurate, light, consistent, good looking, and they don't chop. Is there anything else you want in your marker? We didn't think so, neither does Bob Long.
Mayhem: The Everything Store

         Every team needs to have a place that has everything, and every paintballer needs a place to buy stuff, so if you qualify for either of those catagories, check out Low prices, gaurenteed. If you would like to place an order through 800paintball please drop us an email at and we will let you know what sort of deals/discounts are availible.
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