hmm...hahaz..if u have noticed i have changed the whole layout. damn bored of the one b4...and plus pple like jia wud want me to update this shit.
i think the girl on the left hand side looks quite kewt..hahaz thou its a lil too colourful but who cares lah...i'm currently feeling damn bored..if not i wudnt be updating this shit... heh..my prelims suck and i have to start studying for my os like NOW. wtf. annnywayyy... i dunnoe what else to say but i noe i've gotta fill up the space..hahaz.. errrh...lets type some lyrics..haha lame*

learning to breathe
i'm learning to crawl
i'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall
i'm living again, awake and alive
i'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies
i never ever thought that i would fall like that
never knew that i could hurt this bad
so this is the way that i say i need you
this is the way that i say i love you
this is the way that i say im yours

well..thats it...now i'm gonna introduce u to my diff pages yeah?
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