About Me, myself and I
My name is Malin and i originally come from Sweden , Gothenburg. Now I live in the Netherlands. I came here almost 5 years ago and I am starting to pick up the language. It's actually a lot like swedish!
I work as a Technical service specialist at a big company in Maarssen and I am lucky enough to have a permanent contract.
My background in Sweden is 12 years in the health sector. There I worked with menthally and physically disabled people in all ages, making sure that they had a good life concidering the circumstances.
This period in my life thaught me a lot about people in general and that also gives me more understanding today with the people i meet and work with.

I find it very stimulating to have deep talks and to listen to other peoples problems. That way i can analyse my own and thats how you can reflext over yourself and get to know yourself. Life is not always easy but it can also give you moments of pleasure.

What gives me pleasure is the small things in life i have noticed.
For exemple:
To se the basil i planted grow and smell wonderful in my home made pasta, or that the cat is getting healthier everyday. To sit on a balconny in a foreign warm country, put the feet up on the table and just watch people go by. Mmmm,,,thats life for me!

I have taken some pictures from some of my trips and you will find them here on this site or on

I went to Thailand for 3 weeks on my own some years ago and that must have been the best thing I ever have done.
I had a hard time here and I just thought I would need a break. The trip went to Kho Samui, a small island outside Thailand and it was paradise! The people were very friendly and as a single traveling woman i felt completely safe.
After a week I ran into another swedish girl in a swedish bar and we decided to share a bungalow.
This bungalow was built on pelars so that we actually lived up in the palmtrees and the coconuts!
The ocean was just at our feet and we could hear the waves in the evening.
The thai food is also something that i absolutely love and sometimes i try to revive the memories by cooking something i ate on the trip.

If i had the money I wouldn't hesitate to go back there

I also enjoy cooking a lot and I always want to try new things. The only thing I dont really like is sellery! Yeaks!!
You can try some of my recepies in my

I have just bought a house here in Utrecht and it's becoming a major project. Bigger than i had expected it to be. I saw before my eyes exactly how i wanted it to be but after this first months i have realised that it will be almost impossible to realise the dream i have.
A carrying wall has to come down, kitchen will change place with the bathroom etc, so if there is any handy person reading this, feel welcome to make an offerte! Hahaha! Learning all those Dutch terms,,aannemer, verbouwing, draagende muur ,,and heel veel kosten.
Well in the end all good i usually say. I am a posetive person and I am sure that it will work itself out, eventually.
I have had some help from friends so far, and now it looks a little bit better, at least from when i first moved in.

Sometimes i miss my father a lot and i wish that he could be here with me and guide me through the tough parts. He passed away very fast just before i moved to Holland and i miss him everyday.
I know he is with me when i call for him and that he watches over me though

I hope you will enjoy the site and feel free to ad any suggestions in my guestbook.
I will update this site with pictures from my house and trips but it will not happen very often.

Thailand 2002 album
I am a Leo born in August!
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