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This site is dedicated to everything that Mayo doesn't want you to know about them!

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Attention Mother Mayo: This site believes in our constitutional right to the freedom of speech!  We will not be bullied nor intimidated by any of your threats!

You are not alone!  Hundreds of people have gone through the same mis-treatment from the Mayo administration!

Our Mission:  To boldly stand up for our rights against the "GOD-LIKE" Mayo Clinic administration( or so they think.)  To speak out on the travesties they committ.  To warn current, prospective, and past employees of what they may face at the hands of Mayo.  To shine the light of truth on Mayo propaganda.  To educate the public, that everything they see on the outside is just a sugar coated rotten apple in reality.


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****All contact infomation for any person affiliated with the Mayo Clinic is public.  You can find the information located at the Rochester, MN  Public library.  This information can be found in the "Mayo Clinic Quarterly" located in their reference section.  The "Quarterly" is published 4 times per year.  It contains up to date work phone numbers, sections, email address and various other information about their employees.  This information is then released for public consumption at the Public Library and also a "Quarterly" can be found at almost any phone station in the Mayo Clinic Campus.