May Shing comic page
Here is the glorious comic page, this page will be mainly presenting my original work and characters plus some fan work that has no where to go~
Remember, they are my artwork and mean alot to me, please respect them. Don't take it to use it without asking me. Thank you. -Christine-
Warning: Geocities will temperorly shut down the site or this page due to heavy traffic, overload... but if that happens to you, just come back to visit after an hour, it should be back on.
Who's Da Man Project
A comic done for a Character trade with my friend Eric. Funny and action packed. It's hosted by Deviantart. The banner will lead you to the pages. Deviantart is a bit low, please bear with me. ^^b
E-Depth Angel
An Science-fiction manga made largely in pencils. A techno nurse who wishes to save the cold hearted cyborgs, can she succeed?
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E-Depth Angel now has 2 language avaliable. Soon it could be 3. I just need to find the space. Sigh.
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