'Twas the month of May,
When the two become friends,
They started out on a road
Of many curves and bends.

They made their mission to build
A house of friendship and fun,
Sparkled with the merry magic of
A fairy and a wee one.

The two, D'Dane and Opal,
Put their heads together,
And decided to spotlight,
Friendships and the mother.

While working hard on their masterpiece,
Through work, crashes, jokes, and smiles,
They formed a friendship like none other,
That would last for many miles.

So come, we welcome you,
To enter our magical place,
We hope you'll enjoy yourself
Browsing through our little space!

Fairy D'Dane Wee One Opal

Yay!! Thank you DFairy Star, Lady Jewell, and everyone who voted for us!! And especially Fairy D'Dane, my awesome buddy!! (Hehe.. you can tell Wee One Opal said that!! *S*)

Yay! YIPPEE and Thank You MY Buddy.. we did it and I had the best time!! It was fun!
Thanks to everyone who voted for us too!!
Fairy D'Dane