What's New - July 2005 - Pt 2
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July 26, 2005 - I had a great weekend, even though it felt really, really short.  I went to Michelle & Danny's wedding at
the Luxe Hotel on Sunset.  It was a very beautiful wedding and the bride was absolutely stunning.  (It helps that she's naturally really beautiful...and can eat everything and not gain weight...if she wasn't so nice, i'd really hate her...)  Thanks, Henry for the open bar.  it was great.  really.  Not that you could tell by the fact that erin & i "fell asleep" on the outdoor couch.  The M.O.B. was worried that we were going to fall off the couch & hit the concrete.  I said that it would have only added to the hilarity of the evening.

Topic:  Wedding Crashers: where the heck do they come from?  Worse yet:  people who think it is ok to call to cancel the night before & show up the day of anyways.  I think i must be a lousy meeting planner because I *NEVER* would have bent over backwards to re-arrange seating just so that the person who cancelled and showed up anyways could sit with her friends.  It switched around seating for EVERYONE. The coordinator told me it was a cultural thing about being accommodating (1/2 the guests were korean) to the guests needs but what she failed to realize was how it affected the other guests that were displaced. It was making one person happy while irritating twelve.  How does THAT make sense?

ok, back to my topic - wedding crashers.  GRRRR...a person has got to have a LOT of balls to call up the bride and say, "hey, I'm coming to the wedding...and bringing a date," and not even bring a freaking gift!!!  Of course, since I was a gift attendant I gave him all kinds of crap for that.  His answer: "HELLLOOOOO. haven't you ever heard of wedding crashers??  That's what I am - I didn't even get an invitation!"  ME:  "Maybe because she didn't WANT you here??!!"

Anyhow, back to the couch...I remember Henry trying to smash cake in my face while his sister was trying to get him to leave me alone.  Erin & I tried to wake each other up a few times.  Didn't really work out to well so we stayed out until about 2:30am.  Luckily, we were sharing a room with Fuyu who responsibly went back upstairs (stone cold sober) to go to sleep.  The next morning was a delight.  It was quite embarrassing going down for breakfast with the family.  BOOOZIE THE CLOWN STRIKES AGAIN!!!

On to other topics...ahhhh yes.  I've finally bit the bullet.  I'm going to get Lasik surgery next Wednesday.  I'm a little nervous...especially since my childhood friend, Jeff, is SO encouraging.  The doctor assured me that i would get a sedative...i told him I would definitely need one.  Actually - if they'd just knock me out, that'd probably be best.

I'll be out in Dallas this weekend.  I need to keep my health good or i will have to cancel since Beth has just completed her 1st round of Chemotherapy.  I hope that our time together will be very, very good...
July 2005 - Part 1
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