Mayura Herbal Spa @ Home
Shampoo & Conditioner       (Amino Herbal Complex)
* Amino Herbal Complex

* Smoothly and Silky

* Helping to halt loosing hair

* Nourish hair root for new healthy arising

* Anti dandruff

* Shine and Touch-up
Shampoo & Conditioner                      (Amino Herbal Complex)
Shampoo (Amino Herbal Complex)
     As a herbal shampoo formula, hair could be cleaned nourished and protected powerfully smoothly and healthy in everyday.  "Mayura Herbal Spa @ Home" contain a mixer of herbal helping to halt loosing hair and nourish hair root for new healthy arising and anti dandruff.

Conditioner (Amino Herbal Complex)
     Herbal conditioner formula deep nourishing with Vitamin B5 contribute healthy hair nice shadow soft smooth and slippery hair. Vitamin E soak to improve hair to be healthy lossless combined with Essential Oil helping to relax with hair nourishing, soft, nice touchable and easily to dress

                                            by P.M.Group(Thailand)
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