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    Welcome to our Homepage!  Although this page took a few times to get going we feel that it is on it's way to looking half way presentable.  First off are pictures of my 1991 Crystal White "B Package" Mazda Miata.  Her nickname is Yiater.  Yiater the Miata to be exact.  Just a few months ago I joined the Nutmeg Miata Club out of Connecticut.  I would highly suggest finding a local club.  Not only will you meet some nice people through a club, but people you can get good advice from to boot.  My advice if you are looking for a fun car to drive that is not only relatively inexpensive, but also reliable this is the car you have been seaching for. Actually I have been thinking of selling her because we just had our first baby. If you would be interested please drop us an e-mail.
     Altogether we have 7 different sections to this homepage.  I have this section devoted to my Miata, then we have the section for my RC-Cars, then our Pets section, then my Motorcycles section, then my Cacti section, our Boating/Fishing section, and finally our Tye Dye Section.  All you need to do to vist one of our other topics is to go to the top of this page and click the Links to my Homepage you want to look at.  To return back here just click "HOME" on the other pages.
     One last thing regarding our homepage is that any of our pictures you see will blow up to a larger picture when you click it.  Therefore, if a picture is too small to see it good click it and you will get a bigger view.
     We (Me and my wife Julie) hope you enjoy our homepage.  I am still working on it so please bear with me.  If you would like to... Please sign our guestbook at the bottom of this page!

Steve & Julie
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