The Mazda Rx2 Owners Manual.

34 two page scans from the original 1972 handbook that came with the car.

Take a look at some of the extras..... Electric Aerial, Air Conditioning, Tacho, Clock, Push button radio.... not bad when you consider Holdens of that age didn't even get carpet on the floor.

Each file is around 100k, ive marked what I feel are the 10 most interesting with a little tick like this-->

The Front and Rear Cover....look for the coupe outline.

Warming up your engine, and an introductory word on the Rotary Engine..... check this one out.. terrible english :)

How a Rotary Engine works, actually 'how rotary engine works', say it with a Japanese accent and it almost works for me :) , with pictures, p2-3.

Contents, p4-5.

Instrument layout pictures, p6-7.

Instrument description, p8-9.

Ignition key, Gear shift pattern, p10-11.

Park brake, Headlights, Wipers, p12-13.

Hazard indicators, Interior lamps, p14-15.

Vents, Fan, Mirrors, p16-17.

Seats and headrests, p18-19.

Seat belts, how to adjust, p20-21... just in case you didn't know

Locks....door, boot, bonnet catch, p22-23

Radio, Clock, Heater, Electric Aerial!, p24-25

Air Conditioning, p26-27...

Tips for air conditioning, p28-29..... a must read!..... uphill driving??...apt??? :(

Starting, Automatic transmission, p30-31

Daily?? care, p32-33

Weekly care, p34-35

Breaking in your new car, not 'race' the engine!

Lubrication system specs., changing your oil filter, p38-39

Changing your diff., gearbox oil, and other lubrication, p40-41

Engine oil checking, fuel and air filter, p42-43

Carburettor and points adjustment, battery care, p44-45

Spark plugs, coolant, fan belt, p46-47

Tyres, wheels, p48-49... nice white walls

Cleaning your car, Troubleshooting, p50-51

Troubleshooting continued, p52-53

Troubleshooting, Schedualed maintanence, p54-55

Specifications and Service data, idle speed, timing, p56-57...engine compression, timing, etc...twin diz of course

Specifications, fuel, electrical, steering, p58-59

Lubrication chart, identification plates, nice little car picture of who knows what???

Index, p62-63

Wiring diagram, p62-63


Phew, thats the lot... if youve downloaded all these then its time for bed!



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