Holdens annual Car Show, December 2001


These Pictures were taken at the now annual Holdens Engine Operations car show at Port Melbourne in Victoria.

Click on any Car for a full size Picture.



Check out the engine bay on this Neat Rx3. Racing Beat Air Filter (also known as the frisbee), with an early 12A carby

on a redrilled 13B intake manifold, passing on to an Rx7 5-speed gearbox. the Car also features Dragway Pro rims and

an immaculate Silver Duco, with custom Rx III plates.


Series 6 Rx -7, with BBS rims and Personalised Plates.


HT Monaro BATH-69

VK with Injected 5.0 Litre Engine

HK Monaro



Sandman Concept Car


Tricked up VX ute with the new 5.7 litre all alloy V8.

VL Calais



VL SS Commodore.


... and then I ran out of disks to store images on :(





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