Project Rx5..... number 3

Yes it is true..... I admit......... ive bought another one.... (a couple of years ago now)



NOW For Sale!!

Heres the story behind my third Rx5, which is now my one and only Rx5.... see below...

The second Rx5 I bought was sold off over a year ago now, less engine. Probably should never have bought it in the first place. It was just an average, well used,  20 plus year old car, never going to be a show car, but an Rx none the less.

Rx5 number 3 is 100% completed now, fully painted and registered etc..

Rx5 number 1, which I replaced the front drivers side rail on, was never going to be as good as a mint, never damaged Rx5 like Number 3 is, so I've started cutting up the body, to get rid of the shell. All parts on it are still perfect and will be kept as spares.


So here it is:

Pic136.jpg (277862 bytes) 13B standard rebuilt engine, Fine Core Heavy Duty radiator, Brand New clutch master and slave cylinders.

Pic137.jpg (267161 bytes) Gearbox is a 121/Rx5 Hybrid 5-speed. Clutch is new RPM brand.

Pic139.jpg (236690 bytes) 2 pack champagne gold 

Pic138.jpg (224257 bytes) New windscreen, Tie Rod ends, and new EBC disc pads front and rear.

Pic140.jpg (274770 bytes) Brand new genuine Combination switch (indicators/wipers/headlights)

Pic147.jpg (188545 bytes) Latest Low Profile Hankook Silica Tyres

P5.jpg (252311 bytes) Factory Woodgrain SSW, brand new genuine Indicator / Combination Switch, new pedal rubbers, Rx5 Manual Instrument cluster with factory 6500 rpm warning buzzer. New Pioneer Detatchable face, flip down front, color screen CD head unit.

P6.jpg (257347 bytes) Factory Trimmed seats in absolutely Perfect condition.

P7.jpg (200625 bytes) Custom MAZRX-5 plates, Factory Drain Pipe Muffler, plus 100db Straight through rear muffler and Stainless Tip also included.

Had full RWC in August last year, and has done approx 300k's since then...

Price:  only $5000!

Plus includes mint spares of every panel on the car, Dalton Rebuilt 13B 6-port (never used), 3 row Recored Radiator (never used on road), 5-speed gearbox, tailshaft, complete diff, Rx5 factory rims and nuts with 80% tyres, Rx5 instrument cluster, wiring loom, crossmember ..... you name it... bring a big trailer :)





As for the body straightness... this car was is excellent... The bonnet and the boot close liked the day it came out of the factory.

The car was also a one - owner when I bought it... and was purchased without air conditioning.... good for me as it will be a fair bit lighter than one with A/C which is what I wanted.


Well heres the underbonnet all sprayed.... after 2 days of sanding shitty underbonnet crevaces and curves.... not a real fun job... after that the painting is a breeze...


The pedal box on the left is the factory auto, the one on the Right is another auto pedal box, converted to manual by changing the pedals and the large bolt that holds everything together...


New RPM 99 heavy duty Clutch


And lightweight steel flywheel which bolts to the auto counterweight, so you don't have to remove the BIG (54mm) nut to do the auto-manual conversion. 


Nice Duco on the Pressure plate.... pity the bellhousing is not clear :(






Check out some other Rx5 pictures: 


rx5jpn.jpg (33522 bytes)

rx5rightrear.jpg (615665 bytes)






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