Something Crazy About Me

            Mazen Irsheid,  A Palestinian-Jordanian Born In Manama, Bahrain On March 23rd,  1973.  So,  If You're Thinking Of Sending Me A Gift On My Birthday, Yes I Do Accept Them :)   In May 1996 I Graduated From University Of Florida With A BSBA Degree In Finance, GPA: 3.30. 
Currently I Live And Work In Amman, Jordan.  I Have One Sister, Linda, And One Brother, Khalid.  I Don't Know If It Is Luckly Or Unluckly To Say That  I Am The Youngest!  :)

A French Philosopher Once Said,  "I Think Therefore I Am."  I Say,  "I Dream Therefore I Am."  I Am A Dreamer Myself!  :) I Dream Of Things Which May Never Come True And This Awkward Feeling Doesn't Bother Me.  Imagine ?!  You See Things And You Say, "Why?!", But I Dream Of Things That Never Were.. And I Say, "Why Not?!!"Crazy  :)
 So, Whatever You Can Do Or Dream You Can, Begin It.  Boldness Has Power And Magic In It.

Hang On To Your Dreams, It's A Mistake Not To !   :)

Crazy Me

         Though Many Things Remain Unsaid Here, This Is The Story Of My Crazy Me, Myself!  Four Odes Of Mine Were Enough To Shape My Entire Life.  Some May Read Them And May Say "He Is Bad", Or "He Is Good" !  For Me, Good And Bad Are Mixed Togather,  If You Don't Have Both, You Don't Belong To Us.

Ode To:  My Religion
      Ode To:  Mysterious Luv
              Ode To:  Universal Humanity
     Ode To:  Mother Nature

           Sometimes, In The Middle Of A Sweet Dream Of Mine, My Tobacco Fell Short And My Candle Goes Out All Of A Sudden,  Leaving Me in The Dark Where There Is No Moon And Lampless!  Yes, But I Always Remember That I Still Keep My Luvly Couch In My Bedroom Where I Can Sleep & Dream There Is Light Again.   So, As We Go The Ups & Downs Of Life Togather, Remember That There Is Always Tomorrow And Nothing Really Hurts.  Life Is Sweet Afterall.  Who Wants To Die ? :)

Sweet Dreams! :)
                                    I'm Going Home Now!


MyCrazyHobbies & Interests

Playing Basketball**

Body Building **

**Reading Poetry Especially For Lord Byron, Nizar Kabbani, And Emily
Dickinson **
**Meeting New People**
**Exchanging Ideas !!    Crazy  :) **
**Laughing !**
**Biking In The Rain !!   VeryCrazy  :) **
**Burning Candles In The Silence Of My Room !!    Crazy  :) **
**Driving In My Car-- Sunroof Open... Blue Skies Everywhere !!  Crazy  :) **
**Spending Some Luvly Times With My Two Little Kittens "Mystery" & "Eternity"**
**Listening To Music-- Cranberries, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion,  Scorpions**
**Enjoying Good Arts & Movies**
**Living......................Simple !**

Finally DON'T Ever Forget My Birthday!! Still Counting Down (he he he )