Crazy Thoughts

*Human Nature

    We Are Such Stuff
    As Dreams Are Made On
    And Our Little Life Is Rounded With A Sleep                                                         

   Two Things A Man Cannot Hide:  That He Is Drunk, And That He Is In Love

    We Have Just Enough Religion To Make Us Hate, But Not Enough To Make 
      Us Love One Another
                                                                                                    "Jonathan Swift"

    For The Night
    Shows Stars And Women In A Better
                                                                                                    "Lord Byron"
*Modern Times

    The Trouble With Our Age Is That It's All Signpost But No Destinations
                                                                                                    "Louis Kronenberger"

    If Your Morals Make You Dreary, Depend On Them:   They Are Wrong
                                                                                                    "Robert Stevenson"

    How Sad And Bad And Mad It was--
    But Then, How It Was Sweet
                                                                                                    "Robert Browning"

    Never The Time And The Place And The Loved One All Togather
                                                                                                    "Robert Browning"

    All The Little Emptiness Of Love
                                                                                                     "Rupert Brooke"

    Life Is The Art Of Drawing Sufficient Conclusions From Insufficient Premises
                                                                                                    "Samuel Butler"

    It's A Tale
    Told By An Adiot
    Full Of Sound And Fury
    Signifying Nothing

    Life Is Like Playing Violin Solo In Public And Learning The Instrument As One
    Goes On
                                                                                                    "Samuel Butler"

    When I Hear Somebody Sigh That "Life Is Hard", I amAlways Tempted To Ask,
    "Comapred To What ?"
                                                                                                    "Sydney Harris"

    Life Cosists Of What A Man Is Thinking Of All Day

    Man Was Born Free, And Everywhere He Is In Chains
                                                                                                 "Jean-Jacques Roussouea"

    Friendship Is Love, Without Its Wings
                                                                                                        "Lord Byron"

    Love Is Only A Chatter,
    Friends Are All That Matter
                                                                                                          "Gelett Burgess"

    Friendship May, And Often Does, Grow Into Love, But Love Never Subsides
    Into Friendship
                                                                                                         "Lord Byron"

    Humanity I Love You Because
    When You Are Hard Up
    You Pawn Your Inteligence To Buy A Drink
                                                                                                        "C.C. Cummings"

    Human Affairs Are Not Serious, But Have To Be Taken Seriously
                                                                                                        "Iris Murdoch"

    Man Is A Little Soul Carrying Around A Corpse

    Heard Melodies Are Sweet But Those Unheard Are Sweeter
                                                                                                         "John Keats"

    Great Art Is As Irrational As Great Music
    It's Mad WithIts Own Loveliness
                                                                                                        "Pablo Picasso"
*City Life

    Millions Of People Being Lonsome Together

    Black As Hell
    Strong As Death
    Sweet As Love
                                                                                                        "Turkish Preverb"

    The Body Never Lies
                                                                                                        "Martha Garhaw"

    Cheerio, See You Soon
                                                                                                      "Epitaph On Gravestone"

    I warmed Both Hands Before The Fire Of Life
    It sinks
    And I am Ready To Depart
                                                                                                            "Walter Landor"

    It's Not Death, But Dying , Which Is Terrible
                                                                                                         &nbs 1