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The primary goal of this website is to help potential employers get a better idea of who I am and what I can offer them and their company.

At present I am going to school for my
Masters of Science degree in Motorsport Engineering and Management from the well acclaimed Cranfield University, located in Bedfordshire, UK.

As part of the MSc Program at Cranfield I am required to perform research and write a Masters thesis on a prominent technical issue in motorsport.  Presently I am searching for a company within the industry that is interested in a university/industrial partnership to address a technical problem or a research topic in the upcoming year.  The following is a direct link to the thesis project info:

Some projects that interest me:
1. CFD simulation of restricted intake design
2. Aerodymanics affects of surface coatings on wing elements.
3. Energy absorption of composite crush structures during impact.
4. Lowering costs while retaining technology and innovation in professional motorsport.
5. The Human Factor.  What are the ideal characteristics of a racing driver?  Physically?  Mentally?
6. Bringing better manufacturing techniques to the UK Motorsports sector to reduce the cost of high volume production.
7. Recycling of heat into usable energy.

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David Mazer
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