Caleida and Vinova Weyr
With only one turn left before the Fifth Pass, Pern's Weyrs find themselves in a truly dire situation. Only ten Turns before hand, an epidemic covered Pern ike a tidal wave, wiping Pern clean of countless people,   livestock, Firelizards, and almost all dragon kind. Some of the surviving Dragon riders, left their Weyrs to live in small bands fighting to survive in a devastated world. When the piercing cries of dragons, and wailing of people finally quieted, leaving all Weyrs but two inhabited only by the echoing ghosts of memory.

Uncounted acres of farmland, miles of orchards lay fallow and overgrown with turns of neglect. Holds crumble in disrepair, some crafts lay abandoned and the hulls of fishing barges creek un-maned tied in their harbors. Surviving Dragon clutches have become unpredictable, often smaller than normal, and riddled with eggs that fail to hatch. The hatchlings that survive  often die tragically due to lack of healthy suitable  candidates. Pernfolk of all kind jealously guard their young folk, needing every  man to work the fields to harvest enough to survive the harsh winters.

Because of this a few holds refuse to allow search, forcing dragon riders from Tribes and Weyr to all but kidnap and force candidates to stand. Other Holdfolk allow Weyr search only once a month, and mutter darkly in the shadows and this tense atmosphere added to the necessary raids on herds to feed the dragons when tithes are lowÖ threatens to erupt into violence that pern can not afford. But life goes on for the lucky select few survivors. Ten turns after the apparent end of the Plague the two surviving Weyrs left are Caleida in the North, and Vinova down south labor feverishly to rebuild some semblance of a fighting force for the continuing survival of Pern.

Every single dragon,(and jeliously gaurded candidate) any color is worth more than itís weight in precious ore
But in this now much harsher Pern of the present it seems recovery will be no easy task. At Caleida Weyr Weyrleader Dírien, Bronzerider of Gavarenth is killed, and Weyrwoman Lita falls into a sleep of nightmare. Her Gold, Zenith waits for her rider to wake up and get well before she takes to the skies on her mating flight...Will Lita awake or will Zenith between in dispare. Will the Weyrwoman second  Daniella and her gold Kisieth become the next to lead the Weyr?

In this state of chaos, do you dare join in? :) 17 and older may join....
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Updated November, 8th, 2004