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  • TBVT is owned by MaZ aka Tornado Potato. Admins: DragonLeigh and Tornado Potato.
  • You can add TBVT to your favorite boards (located in your control center) by clicking here. You will then be returned to the Forum Listings and Descriptions page.
  • This is a freedom of speech message board, though some rules do apply. Please check the rules page for more info.
  • The password for Rob's PM forum that I hate (made especially for ROBBIE 2000) is potty. Before entering, please read this. Page to be updated soon.
  • The board has moon themes which use moons similar to those used on Ouija boards but is not associated with Ouija boards and in no way encourages the use of Ouija boards.
  • This board is viewed best with a screen resolution of 1024x768 but can still be viewed at other resolutions.
  • If you have any questions or comments, just post a message or simply send me a PM by clicking on the "contact admin" link at the left. Be sure to be logged in to your ezboard account.