These where the old Mazzix's and Freefragger rules, thancks for freefragger to have updated them from the experiences of the 4vs4IT Old Group.


A: No more than 4 players per team. Note that you can have LESS then 4 players if you intend to hire a Star Player... or if you are very ambitious or out of your mind! Coaches are allowed hire freebooter(s) or Star Player(s) to take the place of MNG player(s) or fill up empty player slots up - but you the total number of players capable of entering the field may not exceed 4. You are allowed to raise zombies or rotters during a game, even if it raises the number of players to 5 or more. But even then you may NEVER have more than 4 players on the field at any time.

B: NO Wizards will be tolerate. Except, of course, the FREE Fling's Chief. Means flings cant boost with ingredients.

C: Overtime mean full 8 turns, no "Golden Goal"

D: In case of one coach get the "Im the Greatest" handicap, the game must restart with new handicaps, this is due to the handicap might cause the game to crash.
No other handicaps is banned despite the effects it might have. Some handicaps are game winning, some are not, the only reason "Im the Greatest" is banned is due to theeffecct it might have on the client, not because it's a nasty handicap.

E: Old Teams from the other 4vs4 Leagues are allowed. Otherwise, only brand new teams are accepted to prevent normal 5+ teams to join after taking out the worst players and keeping some uber stars.

F: Teams has to be division [U]. LRB official rooster or a FUMBBL stunty team. No other teams allowed.

!!! Note that with the Rules review ogres and vampires have been made official, as ogres are way to overpowered in 4vs4 they are NOT allowed as a team !!!

G: You may only play teams in this group in Instant Tournaments (IT's) arranged on our IRC-channels, or in other tournaments specifically accepted before the tournament starts by the 4vs4 staff. Note that playing in any league or tournament for 4vs4 made by Mazzix is regarded as playing in the 4vs4IT group.

Div 90- : maximum ST 3 Stars
Div 90+: maximum ST 4 Stars
Div 120+ : No limit - any Stars can play
Div 150+: No limit - any Stars can play

I: You are awarded a point ofr each tournament you win. There might occur some slight errors when updating the scores, we are only human. If you think you are missing a point, let me know and you can be awarded the missing point. Note that you will first be awarded the pointwhen the scores has been updated and the IT deleted.

J: In case you have any questions, comments or ideas on how to make this group better, please send me a PM and Ill reply as soon as I can.

K: The team that scored the more points in a each month will get rewarded with a Monthly Champion point that will be showed on the group infos.
Note: I might consider making one Monthly Champion per divisions... but Ill think about it more before to be sure how it could be done...


Q. Can I join the group with my new chaos pact/ ogre team?
A. No, only LRB and stunty teams are allowed

Q. Can I hire a starplayer if my TR goes above 90 when playing 90-?
A. No. Same goes for any other IT you play with Starplayer restrictions...

Q. I forgot about the rule about not hiring str4/5+ Stars in an IT where it's not allowed, what should I do?
A. Kick the star before you start the game, if you have already started you have to quit and kick the star...

Q. We had to restart the game and got a different handicap/a niggling player is now missing/not missing, what to do?
A. As the fumbbl rules is very clear about this you should try to recreate the game in the best way you can, handicaps might be hard to get again, but try reload a couple of times.
Nigglers is a lot easier to handle as you should reload untill one not missing the first time is not missing.
In case of one was missing just leave him of the pitch, if you have to field him, move him away from the other players and leave him, both coaches ignoring him.

If you have anything else for the FAQ let me know

Originally form Freefragger, Thancks man!!!

MAzzix 1