Olde Victorian Bulldogges
Owner: Carlos Woods
Due to the downfall of the modernday bulldog the recreation of a better bulldogge was started, the OVB was developed by Carlos Woods. The development of the OVB began back in 1988. The OVB comes down from the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, German Boxer, Staffy Bull and the Olde Bulldogge.
The life expectancy of the OVB is 10-14 years. They love exercise and do well with jogging for miles if trained early to do so. They handle the heat and cold really well and are not handicapped like the AKC bulldog. They have steady even temperment and are very child safe. They have great natural guard dogge tendencies. As puppies they chew alot and supervision is needed in the home to protect furniture, shoes, clothing, ect. They are large, strong, and sometimes stubborn, so early training is advised.
The OVB is a large/medium to large bulldogge with a large, wide head. The OVB has a broad muzzle with a short face (without being excessively short) that is turned upwards; he/she has thick bone witha thick symmetrical body. The OVB has powerful forearms, a heavy, stout rear end, the stifle should have curvature and the hocks should be angulated.
A special Thank You to Carlos Woods for submitting this information!
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