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Tips for Living with PPH/PH

PH Comics

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Life With Flo Series This is a series of e-mails that was sent out over the PhCentral E-mail loop. It was written by Myrtle Scmertz and it describes her 'adventures' of starting Flolan in March of 2004. Myrtle writes with a great sense of humor, yet is honest in what she feels and is experiencing.

Life With Flo Parts 1 and 2

Life With Flo Parts 3 and 4

Life With Flo Parts 5 and 6

Life With Flo Parts 7 and 8

Life With Flo Parts 9 and 10

Life With Flo Parts 11 and 12

Life With Flo Parts 13 and 14

Life With Flo Parts 15 and 16

Life With Flo Parts 17 and 18

Life With Flo Parts 19 and 20

Life With Flo Parts 21 and 22

Life With Flo Parts 23 and 24

Life With Flo Parts 25 and 26

Life With Flo Parts 27 and 28

Life With Flo Parts 29 and 30

Movie Clip explaining pulmonary embolism & hypertension. This site also contains an easy-to-understand explanation (with picutres) of Pulmonary Hypertension.

Lab Tests Online Explains different lab tests that are done.

Drug Checker Check interactions between drugs *please note, all drugs may not be listed on this site. please double check with your doctor and/or pharmacist*

B.C's Pulmonary Hypertension Society

Pulmonary Hypertension Society of Canada

PhCentral's main page. This page contains links to such things as a PH store, PH patient diaries, treatment information and an on-line chat. Most of this information is geared towards Americans, but some of it is general and some of it is geared for Canadians.

PH Associaton's main page. This page contains links similar to the ones on PH Central. There is a store, information on a conference that is held every two years (The next one is in Minneapolis in 2006) as well as lots of other informaiton.

New Brunswick Pulmonary Hypertension Society

Trip to Grand Forks

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I have added a Guest Book, where you can post questions, meeting topic suggestions or guest speaker suggestions. Please note that anyone viewing this page can read the Guest Book, so if you wish, you can use an alias.

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