Heriot-Watt MBA
Heriot-Watt MBA
Heriot-Watt Distance Learning MBA is one of the top distance learning MBA avaliable in the world. Many people like myself have join Heriot-Watt MBA, but how many of us yield the fruit out of it?

I believe not so many of us, do you know we can have exemption for 5 papers in ACCA professional scheme - check this out.

Heriot-Watt University

Degree Type: MBA

This programme is acceptable for registration on PER

Exemption on the basis of FULL COURSE COMPLETION:

Paper 1.1 - Preparing Financial Statements
Paper 1.2 - Financial Information for Management
Paper 1.3 - Managing People
Paper 2.1 - Information Systems
Paper 2.2 - Corporate and Business Law

Amazing? By finishing an additional 4 papers plus an 5000 word thesis, you would probably gain a BSc.(Hons) Degree in Accountant from Oxford Brooke University due to their joint-venture agreement with ACCA. (For further information - either ask me in chat room or check ACCA yourself at www.acca.org.uk)

Life is easy if we find the good path, and we all want to build up our portforlio and gain a great job. To achieve our maximum success within relatively short period of time.

My MBA Chat room is build for intelligene people like you and amount others to share ideas and wealth of knowledge with each other around the world.

If we can start our alliance here, we shall build a strong Heriot-Watt Team, and possibily help each other out one day in the REAL WORLD.

This is my goal toward this web site. I will start it, and we build it together.

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