Massage Therapy - Why you should book your appointment today.......FOR THE HEALTH OF IT!!
Michele Baker,
Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist
Do you have chronic Pain or discomfort?
Do you regularly seek chiropractic care?
Is your job stressful?
Are you athletic?
Massage might be just the helpful tool
you need ..... READ ON
Benefits Of Massage:
- Massage can reduce stress and elevate your mood
- Increase brain waves for heightened alertness & better performance
- Relieve muscular tension
- revitalize energy levels
- Stregthen your immune system
- Shorten recovery time after surgery or injury
About Me:
- I have completed more than 500 hours of training in the following areas:  Swedish Massage; Deep Tissue Massage Techniques; Sports Massage (aka Medical Massage); Ortho-Bionomy; Kinesiology; Hydrotherapy; Reflexology; Lymphatic Drainage and Energy.
- I am certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks (NCBTMB), by the Associated Massage & Bodyworks Professionals (ABMP), by the State of Missouri  and the state of Virginia
- I am a Massage Instructor at Heritage College
- I have been in practice for 3+ years
- I have been a member in good standing of the ABMP since April, 2002.
Phone 913-649-3322 - for appointments
Cell Phone 913-558-0181
Located in Overland Park, KS
Call or email today for appointments or more information on the benefits of massage!!
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