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K-4 Rhönlerche

Picture is taken at Akureyri airport

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Soaring pictures from Iceland 1
Soaring pictures from Iceland 2

Soaring in Iceland
Gliding club of Iceland
Gliding club of Akureyri
Soaring The silent sport

Soaring in Iceland has long history. Gliding club of
Iceland was founded 1936 and Gliding club of Akureyri
was founded 1937. Both clubs are members clubs but all
guest´s are welcome. Gliders owned by GCI are K-8b,
K-7, K-6cr, K-6E, K-4, ASK-21 and Tandem Falke.
Gliders owned by GCA are K-4, K-8b, K-7, PW-5 and
Grunau Babe. And also in flyable condition GCA has
TG-3A and Grunau 9 and GCI has also Grunau 9.

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