3D MODERN cameras, 1990s, USA, CHINA
Top cameras : Single use (disposable) 35mm cameras from the 1990s. Included is an envelope for the whole camera to be sent to a 3D lab for lenticular prints. The camera at the bottom is an ImageTech reusable camera for 35mm for lenticular prints.

LENTICULAR: A special print method that enables to view the photo in 3D without any special device, no 3D glasses are needed. In order to shoot a lenticular photo you need a camera with at least 3 lenses and to sent it to a special lab. The lab combines the taken pictures into a special paper covered with a plastic sheet, As a result the person that view the photo sees a 3D picture.

Was it a big success? I don't know how many were made but the fact is that today (year 2005)- only one 3D lab survived so I assume it wasn't a big success... 1