NISHIKA,   CHINA,   1980's (left)   +     NIMSLO,   JAPAN  (right)
Both are stereo camera with 4 lenses! (quadro). Using a standard 35mm film: 4 frames.
3-D results can be viewed:
option 1) Proccess the film at a special lab (www.orasee.com) = you'll get a multi-layer print (no need for special glasses to see 3-D)
option 2) Cut the 2 extreme prints and mount/glue so you can see them in 3-D using the Holmes classic way (viewer). If you use only that option, I recommend that you put a black tape to cover the 2 lenses in the center. In that way, you'll save money on printing only the two prints that are realy needed for 3D.

You'll find some sites that compare those cameras very well. I used both and found the Nimslo more sharp and with better results. Not to mention the plastic and bulky design of the Nishika compared to the more fine Nimslo. The Nimslo is automatic (with batteries) while the Nishika has fixed exposured levels so you can choose.
Both are a good cheap entrance to 3D photography but for 100$ I recommend the Realist.
Enjoy! 1