REALIST, David WHITE, USA,  1950's
The most popular stereo camera of the 50's!
Mine is Model ST41 Serial #A92935. with the f3.5 White lens. Speeds T B... and goes up to 1/150. The camera uses the standard 35mm and is useable in our days (highly recommended!).

First, find a nice working camera (the common f3.5 or pay twice for the f2.8)
Picture taking with the Realist is not a very easy task:

1) Load the film (35mm)
2) Watch thru the right-round window and turn knob (1) to focus the view.
3) choose the desired speed (for example: 1/150)
4) choose the exposure (for 1/150 and 100 ASA film in a bright day - f8 is OK)
5) Push the knob in the midle-bottom between the two lenses (3).
6) Watch the picture thru the left-round-window.
7) Push the trigger (4) ,in the later models you have to pull a safe-knob to release the trigger.
8) Turn the film-on and you're ready for the next picture.

Sounds not very easy but the result worth it!

04 / 2000

I use the 100 ASA KODAK-Regular 35mm film ,  give it for developing (uncut!). I ask for developing the pic. into the 9cm. format-MAT (I cut it into 9X9 photos). I glue the pair of pictures into one and use the classic Holmes StereoViewer in order to see the 3-D effect.

Some use film for Slides and develop it-uncut! but you'll need to buy a Realist-slide viewer and slide-mounts. which are available for sale REALIST VIEWER (not cheap...)
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