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Martin Barslev, song and guitar

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The Intrance to Paradice

Music performed by Martin Barslev

The idea is created by
the female artist and musician Tuula Niemi,
who has created beautifull artlife i Aalborg.
performed on a Gallery Exebition i Aalborg by Tuula Niemi, showing music and Art created by ♫♫ Tuula Niemi. ♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫♫ Paradice ♫♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ A collection of poems about the final "Paradice",
"Visions for the Future." The artist describes the poems: "The bibles profeties spiced in the mind
with her own fantasies".
"The sample of poems describes the road
to paradice from a world ruled by wicked men,
who speaks falsly about peace.
The paradice is the final paradice
where love no longer is suppressed,
and the natures infatuating beauty
will give you eternal peace and home.
Neither man or woman no can conspire against
the lightfull day.
The wicked ruler is goner Lee and nump!!! "
♫♫The Text is performed in Danish♫♫

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2 melodies
Music performed by Martin Barslev, guitar, piano and voise
Erik Barslev, guitar, piano and voice

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"Martin Barslev" on World Music Service

Martin Barslev

Swansee Paradice 357

Brigitte Monhaupt

Created Paradice on Earth for the Human Being

Tuula Niemi

The Eye

Erik Barslev

♫♫Sanne Salomonsen♫♫
creator of Psycedelic Rockmusic

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The Music is made partly in coorporation with

♫♫ Tuula Niemi and Erik Barslev ♫♫

Inspired by the Birds and the Nature, which gives you a Paradice of
innocence and fancyfull impressions.
I have had the pleasure to be near birds in the nature life, I have made drawings and paintings,
which I exebited in Paris and other places.
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