Converting a Propane Burner to Natural Gas.

I put these pages together to help others who may be having the same problems I ran into when trying to find out information on how to convert a relatively inexpensive propane burner into a burner that could be used hooked up to the natural gas in your home. My problems mainly stemmed from the fact that I'm not much of a do-it-yourself-er. When I do try stuff myself. It cost me more in tools than to buy it already done for me. However, the burner conversion didn't take more than a few very basic tools.


That's it!


Propane burners are a high pressure system which means they have a smaller hole (orifice) that the gas goes through
Natural gas burners are a low pressure system which mens the orifice is larger, 7/64 inch.
What this means to you is that you have to drill out the existing hole and make it larger. As I found out, it's is super easy.

The Burner:

I got my burner from Metal Fusion ((504) 736-0201) . It's 210 Btu, and cost about $19.00 per burner. 2 Burners w/ Shipping and Handling cost just under $50.00 U.S.
When you convert from propane to natural gas you'll loose about 20% on the Btus. These burners will leave you with plenty of power even after a 20% loss.
When I called Metal Fusion, I didn't find the sales person too friendly and they'll warn you that they don't recommend that you convert the burners to Natural Gas, and won't tell you how to do it. They don't even sell a new orifice for natural gas, that they apparently used to, (as others have said).


The Process:

So here we go. The process is simple.

These pictures I took should help you out quite a bit. Another one of my problems was that I didn't know exactly what orifice I was drilling out.

(Click on the pictures for more detail.)


Burner (top)

Burner (end)

Air chamber

All the parts
Air-flow regulator, spring
and brass fitting
Spring & fitting assembled
Gas-side of
The Orifice
The Orifice
(drilled out)