Wor. Br. George Tucker, (a/k/a alabamamason)
State of Alabama, USA

Br. William Hughes, (a/k/a Capt Commodore)
State of Colorado, USA

R. W. Ronald M Goldwyn, (a/k/a Cleanwake)
State of Connecticut, USA

W. Ron Evans (a/k/a Pathfinder )
State of Florida, USA

Bro. Paul Schoffstall, (a/k/a PaulID1)
State of Idaho, USA

W. Bro. Patrick J. Chalmers, (a/k/a Pat)
State of Illinois, USA

Br. John W. Richter, (a/k/a John311)
State of Louisiana, USA

Bro. Ryan T Coleman (a/k/a Danger419)

M.W. John R. Biggs, (a/k/a Jack)
State of Maryland, USA

W. Ralph W. Staples, (a/k/a Blue Hill Hiram)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Bro. Troy Brown (a/k/a thekid)

W. Roger W. Miner, (a/k/a Minerland)
State of Nebraska, USA

W. Richard F. LaFlame, (a/k/a Kermit)
State of Nevada, USA

Br. Edward G. Jamieson, (a/k/a TWIGS)
State of New Jersey, USA

R.W. Edmund D. Harrison, (a/k/a RoyalArchTed)
W. Alan R. Sacks, Deputy (a/k/a Alan S)
State of New York, USA

W. Don Middleton, (a/k/a Don-Tarheel)
State of North Carolina, USA

Bro. Wendel A. Van Wechel, (a/k/a wendel)
State of North Dakota, USA

W. Jim Himmelright, (a/k/a JimH)
State of Ohio, USA

Jason Whitehorn (a/k/a Jason198)
State of Oklahoma

Br. Richard Scholl, (a/k/a Richard), Representative
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA

Br. Scott A. Eastwold, (a/k/a AquilaRex)
State of South Dakota, USA

Jerry D. Hannah, (Firecap)
State of Tennessee

Br. Reagan W. Hammett, (a/k/a RRRegan)
W. Leo Scott, Deputy (a/k/a Magnolia Shellback )
State of Texas, USA

W. Lee Katz, (Square1)
State of Wisconsin, USA

This Directory is periodically updated
To apply as a GFN Representative for your State, Staff Position, information or corrections contact
W. John R. Nicholas Sr.

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