Edmund Paine the Second
*The Aristocrat of Atrocity*

Character Name: Edmund Paine the Second

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Current Residence Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 235lbs

Alignment: Heelish Face

Wrestling Style: Technical/ Hardcore/ Submission

Appearance: Lightly tanned skin; short, dirty blond hair; caterpillar tatoo around right bicep; gemini twin tatoo on left shoulderblade.

Ring Attire: Tailored dress pants of assorted colours and a white dress shirt.

Entrance Music: "Death or Glory" by the Wiltshire Colliery Band

Entrance Description:





10-15 Basic Moves:

Signature Moves and Finishers with their descriptions:

Manager: (If Applicable)

Manager Appearance:

Manager Background:

Tag Team:

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