Mercedes Benz W108
1970 280S
Last October 2001, I was tasked to bring back the glamour and elegance of what this car was in 1970. It is the car of our Commercial Attache of the Philippine Embassy in Europe back then and he was so in love with it that upon his return from his posting he brought it home.

The car has only 90,000 km on its meter and was properly stored since 1994. Note that it is equipped with an original 4 H1 Halogen setup (not sealed beam US version as it is commonly mistaken - see last page taken from the owners' manual). Amazingly, parts to the smallest detail are still very much available both domestic and international.

After 8 months, this is what I've done for a 32 year old car. A lot of things still has to be done and I have no complains . . . . I simply have fallen in love with it!

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