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Blair's Korean Club was created to expose high school students to Korean culture. We are part of a community dedicated to further advancing awareness of the Korean culture and achievements. The club participates in activities involving Asian awareness, and additionally, events sponsored by Blair such as International Night, Magnet Arts Night and the Activity Fair.
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REAL News UPDATED 05/19/04

Willington Lin of the Chinese Club is hosting a Game Night at his home! 12221 Wonder View Way, North Potomac, MD 20878. All Korean club members are invited! October 17, at a time TBA..  RSVP ASAP to KoreanOfficers@mbhs.edu or give any of us a call.

-- David Kim
Yeah so all this time the KSS has been trying to tell you about the corruption and debauchery of the Chinese Club officers.  Now you better believe it...... this is some sick stuff.  Here is direct proof of what a Chinese Club Vice President does for fun:

KSS Officers 03-04
  Jisung Kim
Vice President:
  Mark Snyder
  Hersch Bhatia
  Nichole Kim

Just in case you were having a bad day or something, here is some uplifting art designed jointly by our employed Ph.D psychologists and master artists to brighten your mood:

A better source for updates regarding this Club can be found at our xanga site, www.xanga.com/blair_korean_club
Below is a photo of Yankee Bernie Williams using his powers to levitate over the enemy when in need.  There are no Koreans in the picture except the blurry fans in the background, but we have it from a reliable source that Bernie was taught to levitate by the renowned professional Korean golfer, KJ Choi.

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