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Click on the Tuba Player's ass to listen to Old-Time Music
Click on the great Roy Smeck, for an outstanding site.
Click on the movie of Jimmie Rodgers to read about some Musical Heroes
Click on the knife-fighting Moneys for a ton of cool music links
Click on Popeye's band for Red Hot Jazz
Click on the Memphis Jug Band to visit an interesting site
Click on the picture of Bea Arthur, wrestling a Velociraptor, for jolly fun.
Click on Betty, for a great cartoon with a song sung by Red Pepper Sam, the voice of Popeye
This fun-loving Jug Band hates superstitious fools. You should too! Click image for details
Click on the Desperate Dame with the deadly Uke for crime fiction
Get naked, smoke opium and stop worrying about everything junk science and scaremongers want you to be worried about. Click below for more info
Click on the Hula Girl to read my fascinating biography