On a quest..
to eat every living creature on one leg or more,
or no legs at all

When I was born, I decided that I wanted to eat many different things before I die.

I have created this web site to record all the unusual creatures I have eaten so far in my life, and to share these statistics with you.

If you have any suggestion for something that I can eat, why don't you let me know?

Also have a look at my wish list.

Maritz Binedell - mbinedell@yahoo.com
More about me
The list
Last updated on 10 November 2008

Note that this is by no means an exclusive list. Here I am only publishing the more unusual animal parts I have eaten. Common foods, such as chicken wings and lamb chops, are obviously not mentioned.

Things with wings...

• feet, heart, stomach, liver, neck
• comb of roosterChina

• tongue, head, brain, neck
• liver, intestine, feet

• Goose feet

• PigeonEngland

• Baby birdChina

• head, brain, tongue, eye, ear
• heart, liver, stomach, kidney, intestine
• feet, tail

• nose, ear, tongue, brain
• stomach, rectum, intestine
• liver, kidney, feet, tail
• solidified bloodChina

• testicleChina
• lung, stomach, tongue, tail
Mammals continued...

• Blood puddingScotland

• HaggisTraditional Scottish tripe - Scotland

• RabbitScotland

• Guinea pigPeru

• AlpacaAndean camelid - Peru

• Venison and wild boarScotland

• OstrichSouth Africa

• Springbuck and gemsbuckSouth Africa

• CamelChina

• YakHimalayan hoofed mammal - China

• DonkeyChina
• GoatUnconfirmed, it could have been any meat... China


• CrocodileSouth Africa

• muscle, skin
• content of gal bladder

• FrogChina

Things that crawl...

• Silkworm larvaeNorthern China

• Water cockroachChina
Things that can breathe in water...

• Squid, cuttlefish, jellyfish, octopus

• AbaloneSouth Africa

• AlikreukelLarge marine snail - South Africa

• SharkSouth Africa

• Eggs of various fish

• Crab

End of the list
My wish list

I would like to eat the following foods in the coming months:

• Snapping turtle

• Fried scorpion

• Kangaroo

Interesting facts

• I have eaten the brain of three different animals, the tongue or four different animals and the feet of five different animals.

• I have not fallen ill from any of the meat eaten on this list.

• My cholesterol level is normal.
About me

Shortly after I was born (around 30 years ago now), my parents decided to call me Maritz Binedell, and this is what I have been called ever since.

I currently live in Shenzhen, China. Fly there on Google Earth.

When I am not working as a software developer for this Irish company, I can be found wandering through the alleys after dark, hunting around for some exotic titbit from the Maritz Binedell stewing pots and barbeque fires of the night's street vendors.

Bon appétit!

Maritz Binedell

Pete Wenham writes: "Maritz, you're a nutter." 24 October 2008

Thanks for the encouragement, Pete! Maritz

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