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[MBJ]My eyes are dark hazel, hair black, 5 foot 7 1/2 inches
tall, I am a resident of Grand Rapids, MI. My body build is
very normal. A Wayne State University Science Graduate.
I am self employed and I work on behalf of the Afro-American Community.


My Hobbies & Interests:

[Tank]Salt Water Reef Tanks are a main stay in my home and my place of work.
Chaperone with the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Tour for Afro-American Students within our region (HBCUT) .
Weekends I enjoy Gospel & Blues Concerts.
Working the yard at my home.
Swimming and assisting friends with their home projects.
Peaceful drives around my home town.
Quiet meals and good company.
A movie and plain old conversation.
Assisting people in need.
Sharing moments of joy and laughter with friends and loved ones.
Placing my thoughts on paper.
Singing Gospels In the Group "Background".
Fellowship with my PHA Brothers.
Playtime, Together time, Holding each other time.
I enjoy older Automobiles (74/225, 87/560SL) for starters.
A home of Peace, Love, and Intimate sharing. Not needing any of life's extras to enhance it like drugs or drinking.
A.M.E. Zion Church on Sunday morning.


My Online Life:

[Computer]Emailing friends, getting information for my home projects.
Searching for that friend I've yet to meet.
Understanding that one must have a higher level of input in life as we
understand it. I believe that one becomes a giving type of person when you
realize that all in life is not for yourself only. To share with another is to allow
for blessings to flow into your own life. There is truly so much more to learn,
share, and grow from as one travels forward through life in a relationship that is open and honest.
You see all I want is to give someone my love as a place she can always come to for acceptance, or the simple comfort that silence brings when things left unspoken can still be understood. Just to wake up every morning with her by my side, knowing that no matter what I can still talk to her about our ideas, our dreams, the little everyday things that make us laugh, and the not-so-little things that we can't help worrying about. I would so like to grow old with her and watch our lives and dreams come true, one by one. I await openly from within my heart.


My Favorite Places to Visit:

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