About Doiinthanon

The park made up of a series of mountains along the range known as Thanontongchai which runs North-South. This range is part of the great Himalaya range which originates in Nepal. The highest of the park is 2,565 meter, which is the highest point of Thailand. The park contains many mountains of different series and heights. When one view from the surrounding plains the range looks like a series of rising and falling waves. Throughout the park, different altitudes make plant and animal species diversity. From the foothills of the range, people can see the almost perpetual fog which covers the mountain’s top all year around. At the top of the mountain within the fog, visitors can see the moisture and dew that the fog provides the evergreen forest.

Doiinthanon 's Forest

Decidous Forest

1.1 Mixed deciduous Forest
From 8 to 17 kilometer along the Chomtong-Inthanon Rd, and around Mae Ya waterfall mixed Deciduous forest can be seen. Common type of trees seen here are Tectona grandis, Dillenia obovata and Pterocarpus macrocarpus.

1.2 Dipterocarp Forest
Can be founded at a height below 700 meters, the common type of tree that can be found are Shorea obtuse, Shorea siamensis, Dipterocarpus tuberculatus and Dipterocarpus obtusifolius.

Tourist Information


Summer Time, March-May

Curing this time, the weather throughout the park is generally quite warm giving a relaxed atmosphere with crystal clear blue skies. However, at the summer of Doi Inthanon. It remains quiet cold.

Rainy Season, June-September

Throughout this season where it is often raining everyday, the park has beauty far different from any other time. With water and moisture in natural abundance and the forest is at its most brilliant green.

Winter Time, October – February

This is the most popular tourist season for the park despite or perhaps because of its cold weather. The temperature during the night is often as low as 0 degree C and rarely get above 4 degree C. Cold frost are common throughout this time in most of the park.


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