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Welcome to The Margaret Bell Miller Middle School Technology Education Home Page. This page will serve as a resource for students and parents so that they can keep up to date with the Technology Education Program.

Students at this Margaret Bell Miller rotate through what is called "Applied Academic Areas". One of these areas is technology education. Technology education

at the middle school level is to be an exploratory program. By exploratory, we mean, giving students experiences in as many technological areas as possible. This, we feel, will aid them in making future educational, as well as, vocational choices.

The duration of the rotation of the technology classes in nine weeks for all grades. Within this time frame of 45 days, the students also move into different rooms to facilitate instruction on the specialized equipment. This means that the students move every 22 days with their teacher into the instructional areas.

ven though technology education is taught by two instructors, Mr. Gary Torbic and Mr. Mark Willis, the curriculum content and concepts taught are the same. Methodology and presentations may vary, thus, daily plans will be similar but not identical.

In our efforts to provide every student

with identical curriculum content and concepts, every rotation the very first, to the very last, must receive the same daily lesson plan for that particular day of that rotation. This means the daily plans will never vary more than one or two days during the rotation and this will be due to an interruption, at some point, of the normal school day.

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