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We at MBN are glad that you have come to us for quality programming. If you have any questions about any of the shows on our schedule, please feel free to email programming director Mac at

We are always accepting pilots and new show ideas, and are willing to take a look at yours. with any show ideas, comments, etc.

Click on the links to the right and it will take you to a page on each of our selected shows, detailing their premise, producer info, cast, and much more.

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Network News and Updates

'I'm A Survivor' premieres this Wednesday.
New episodes of 'Girlfriend' and 'Motown Heat' have been posted. 'Everyone Loves Faywen' and 'The Underground' have been canceled.
'The Shrink' now has all info listed, incl. cast & poster.
'Everyone Loves Faywen' page is now up with all info and promo poster
Check out some MBN FMTV articles at The Reporter
'Girlfriend' official poster is up.
'Failure Mode' page is up and running

Millenium Broadcasting Network is a fictional virtual television network who's sole purpose is to function as a player or participant in a Hollywood film simulation game called Film Mogul

None of these talents (actors or directors) are actually in any of these shows, and they can not be contacted or represented through this website.
The Game, This All For: Film-Mogul