- FoD is a fat kid that wears glasses and has no friends
- Ash's wife is a hooker
- Saw is a fat man with no job
- Saw's son is a gay kid that is mentally challenged
- They think they can do TWL, ROFLMAO
- They own a top 50 ranked US pipeline sf player (if you sort in assending order)
- They make up crap about whos mom does who in fuse, however this is made up, we bring the facts
- There is a dollar tip under your wife's pillow
- Ash and Saw fondle each other at night and participate in cyber sex
- We have over a 2x higher frag rate
- Axis is such a noob he joins noob clans to look good!
- Ash Shaytan's cock is picuted here [squint your eyes] -> .
- Saws wife makes money while Saw changes his son's diapers.
- Saw has actual pictures of naked men on his computer.
(no lies...he uses one as the ban message on their gaymowebsite)
- FlAmMaBle once beat the self proclaimed 'devils sniper' in an official sniper match one on one!
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