Flower Remedies, Meanings and More
Flowers for Astrological Signs
Aries: Violet

Taurus: Daisy

Gemini: Hawthorn

Cancer: Honeysuckle

Leo: Water Lily

Virgo: Hazel

Libra: Morning Glory

Scorpio: Hop

Sagittarius: Chrysanthemum

Capricorn: Holly

Aquarius: Snowdrop

Pisces: Primrose
Even though flower remedies were used centuries ago in India and China, the modern pioneer was Dr. Edward Bach of England. Dr. Bach was a well-known physician who had done important work with immunology. In the 1930's, he left his practice to gather wildflower and plants for his flower remedies. Because the remedies were created during the depression, it is only fitting that many of the 38 plants used were used to cure or alleviate depression, fear and hopelessness.

There are other flower remedies now available such as "California Essences" (this is the FES line----Flower Essence Services) that focuses more on the problems of our times---low self-esteem, creativity, sexual health, etc.  However, Bach Flower Remedies remains the most popular and commonly known flower essence worldwide.

Most bottles of flower remedies are concentrated and must be diluted. To mix concentrations, general directions are to put four drops of each flower essence needed (Bach remedies advises using no more than six in a mixture) into an amber colored  30ml dosage bottle. After closing the cap tightly, shake the solution back and forth vigorously for about a minute and a half. When finished, fill the remainder of the bottle with bottled or spring water. Again, shake for about 90 seconds.  To prevent the solution from going bad, it is recommended that a teaspoon (5ml) of Brandy is added to the final solution

The correct dosage of the remedy is four
drops under the tongue (holding for 30 seconds for absorption) four times a day. If you cannot tolerate the taste, the drops can be mixed in water or juice. Putting the drops in caffeinated beverages is not recommended.

It should be noted that taking the remedies can be a little frightening in the beginning. Often, issues that were long ignored and memories long forgotten may rise to the surface. This is called catharsis and this can be very disconcerting. These issues and memories arise due to the remedies causing the individual a heightned awareness. With some individuals, the reactions may be subtle. No matter the case, the first week of treatment can be difficult as your body releases frustrations, issues, depression, worry, etc. Do not expect a miracle overnight.

Caution: Some people should NOT use the remedies. These people should see their physician before attempting any flower essences---

*People with serious health problems
*People who somatize their emotions (emotions expressed through illnesses)
*People who have had too much stress recently
*People addicted to narcotics and/or tranquilizers
*People who are not yet ready to face their issues and deal with them
*People who identify themselves with their problems

The following is a list of flower remedies from Bach Flower Remedies.

Holly: Used for toxic emotions such as self-loathing, hatred, envy, suspicion and the desire for revenge.

Agrimony: Used for people who smile on the outside but are very pained and troubled on the inside.

Pine: Works against guilt, self-reproach or blaming self for others problems.

Willow: Good for embittered people, people who think of themselves as victims and hold resentments.

Centaury: For gentle, submissive types who are often taken advantage of.

Star of Bethlehem: For victims of assault and abuse---heals from shock of old traumas.

Oak: For those who have lived a hard life yet continue on.

Chicory: For the release of hidden agendas.

Chestnut Bud: Learn from past mistakes.

Mimulus: Used for the timid person.

Walnut: used to help those who are easily influenced by others.

Impatiens: For those who are irritable and impatient.

Heather: For those wrapped up in their own troubles.

Clematis: for people who put on a cheerful facade. Also believed to help with alcoholism.

Rock Rose: For terror

Grey Spider: Panic disorders

Crab Apple: For dealing with shame.

Beech: For those who are critical and judgemental.

Olive: For fatigued people.

Hornbeam: For fatigue.

Mustard: To relieve depression by an unknown cause.

Sweet Chestnut: For those who cannot go on anymore but not yet suicidal.

Wild Oat: For those who have not found their goal in life.

Gorse: For those in deep despair.

Vervain: For those who despise injustice.

Cherry plum: Fear of losing control or hurting oneself or others.

Aspen: Anxiety of unknown origin.

Gentian:  Negative outlook on life.

Larch: For those who need motivation.

Vine: For those with control issues.

Scleronthus: For those with difficulty making decisions.

Wild Rose: New lease on life.

White Chestnut: To clear mind of repetitive thoughts.

Red Chestnut: codependency, anxiety for others problems.

Elm: To restore lost confidence

Rescue Remedy: various blends of essences which are used to treat a crisis.

Honeysuckle: alleviates longing for the past.

Cerato: For those who ask for advice yet never act on what advice is given.

Flowers and Other Essences for Various Situations

Relaxation: Solomon's Seal, Comfrey, Jacob's Ladder, Dragonfly, Valerian, Sea Palm

Energy: Oak, Welsh Poppy, Lady's Slipper, Macrocarpa

Confidence: Larch, Monkeyflower,Lace Flower, Salvia,Yellow Cone Flower, Bluebell

Joy: Dog Rose, Dianthus, River Beauty, Hummingbird,Purple Crocus

Mood Lifters: Angelic Canopy, Red Hollyhock, Wild Violet

Women: She Oak, Candystick, Goddess Grasstree, Grove Sandwort

Men: Flannel Flower, Azalea

Sex: Horse Chestnut Leaf Bud, Balsam, Billy Goat Plum, Basil

Love: Bluebell, Harebell, Magnolia

Daisy, Wattle, Maple

Nurturing: Sycamore, White Spider Orchid

Purification: Crab Apple, Plantain, Watercress

Green Rose, Bistort

Letting Go:
Snowdrop, Wild Rose, Morning Glory

Bach Remedies may be purchased at health food stores as well as by mail. Most health food stores carry Rescue Remedy. The others may be ordered at:::

Ellon/Bach USA Inc.
644 Merrick Rd
Lynbrook, NY 11563


Bach Flower Remedies Ltd.
The Bach Centre
Mt Vernon, Sorwell
Wallingford, Oxon OX1O OPZ

Another good, well known essence company is the Flower Essence Services. They deal in remedies more in tune wuith todays needs. They can be reached at::

Flower Essence Services
Box 586
Nevada City, CA 95959

I know many reputable shops will order these for you if you ask. The shop I deal with used to keep stock of Bach Remedies but now only sells t
hem on order.
Bach Flower Remedies
Birth Trees
December 23           Mistletoe
Dec. 24-Jan. 21        Birch
Jan. 22-Feb. 18        Rowan
Feb. 19-March 18     Ash
March 19-April 15    Alder
April 16-May 13       Willow
May 14-June 10        White Thorn
June 11-July 8          Oak
July 9-Aug. 5            Holly or Gorse
Aug. 6-Sept. 2           Hazel
Sept. 3-Sept. 30         Vine
Oct. 1-Oct. 28            Ivy
Oct. 29-Nov. 25         Reed, Dwarf Elder
Nov. 26-Dec. 22         Elder
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