Andrew Fogarasi:
Notorious International Fuckwad
Creepy slimeball trolls Internet discussion groups and outs members, then courageously slags them anymously on a Hungarian-based web server. After burning every bridge in Peterborough, Ontario, where "Foog" was the manager of pathetic Trent University's sad-assed 50-watt radio station, Foog slunk off to Budapest, where he runs his campaign of hate against anyone who crosses him (i.e. anyone who's known him).
As you can see, this smug creep has nothing going for him, so his life's work is to drag everyone else down.
"Remember, "Foog" is "goof" spelled backwards.
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Thanks to all the decent people who came forward to reveal the identity of "Tequila Sheila" of the Frank Forum. I'll let you all know how the court action progresses and her web page will be here soon!!!!